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RENK: the name for propulsion technology. RENK AG ranks among the world’s foremost manufacturers of propulsion components and test systems. In tracked vehicle transmissions, slide bearings and naval gear units, the Company is undisputed world market leader. RENK has four independent divisions: Vehicle Transmissions, Slide Bearings, Special Gear Units, and Standard Gear Units. The individual strengths and the specific product expertise of the divisions are bundled and through close cooperation put to optimum use within the Group. The outcome: products whose quality, precision and dependability are standard-setting and which, on the world markets, repeatedly command leading positions.

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RENK is one of the worldwide-acknowledged manufacturers of especially high-quality special gears, components of propulsion technology and test systems. Our extensive product range includes:

• Single-engine marine gear units
• Advanced Electric Drives
• Twin-engine marine gear units
• Auxiliary marine drives
• Tunnel gear units
• Shaft generator drives
• Propeller shaft clutches
• Propeller thrust bearings
• Shaft line bearings
• Bearings for electrical ship propulsion (Motor & Generators)
• Shaft disconnecting devices
The company holds leading positions in the global markets of automatic transmissions for tracked vehicles, gear systems for naval vessels, and horizontal slide bearings.

Advanced Electric Drives

Advanced Electric Drives

Our latest innovation: Advanced Electric Drives (AED)

- Electric Dive
- Compact and ultra-leightweight, 40% less than a direct-drive motor
- Ultra low-noise
- Very low installation height



Redundancy, reducing exhaust emissions and fuel consumption as well as optimizing the EEDI Index are important arguments for a new ship design. RENK recently launched their new MARHY (maritime hybrid) system, which is the result of implementing well-known and proven standard components making the hybrid system affordable and reliable for many applications.


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Johanna Aumann
Marketing Manager
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