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Zöllner Signal GmbH

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means the continuation of a long and most  successful tradition of manufacturing sound signal appliances for vessels, the railways and industrial plants. The history of production began with steam and compressed air operated whistles, the Makrofons, made complete with the electric operated Zet-Horns beginning in the 1950s. Long experience and steady development have secured the position of ZÖLLNER GMBH as one of the leading manufacturers of this product range worldwide.

Company Profile of Cassens & Plath
Founded 1902 in Germany. Product range comprises of all kinds of magnetic heading references: reflector compass binnacles, electromagnetic compasses and transmitting magnetic compasses as well as sextants and miscellaneous equipment. International certificates are available for the majority of the products. With
beginning of 2015 Cassens & Plath was sold to Zoellner Group of companies based in Kiel, Germany, predominantly active in sound technology.

상품과 서비스

ZÖLLNER electric Zet-Horns ZÖLLNER electric, ZETFONs ZÖLLNER compressed air Makrofons, ZÖLLNER automatic signal controls, ZÖLLNER bell and gong systems, ZÖLLNER sound reception devices

SRD ZÖLLNER under deck alarms Cassens & Plath:
All kind of magnetic compasses especially magnetic compass binnacles or spherical compasses for professional, navy or leisure use. Different types of electronic equipment to display compasses heading in analogue or digital, to read-out magnetic or true
heading data. Off-course alarms, interface units and electromagnetic compasses. Sextants with accessories and miscellaneous equipment like binoculars, peloruses, clocks thermometers.


Zöllner Signal GmbH
Radewisch 40
25145 Kiel

전화: +49 431 7027100

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