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Well equipped for anywhere on board – WISKA presents innovations

As a single stop supplier for maritime lighting, electrical equipment and CCTV camera surveillance on commercial vessels, WISKA offers high-quality products for all applications on and below deck. Specifically the newly developed LED product range. This range has been designed to meet the latest in technological advancements whilst remaining economical.

With its new Ex LED luminaire 4200, WISKA combines its long-standing experience in the areas of LED and explosion-proof products. A variant of the LED multi-purpose luminaire 4000, the Ex model is maintenance-free, cost-efficient and offers easy installation and connection. Thanks to its low energy consumption, customers can achieve a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Smart, easy, strong: Introducing the LED floodlight 5000. Its modular construction uses a single 40 W module which can be configured individually. It consists of a heat conducting plastic module and a stainless-steel frame, completely dispensing with aluminium. It is available in one to four modules and optionally tilt function. The floodlight is an energy-efficient new standard to floodlighting.

For more than ten years WISKA CCTV camera systems have been used worldwide – supplied all under one roof, from development, consulting, engineering to delivery. The cameras are perfectly suitable for different application areas, for example, the new Ex PTZ Dome Camera, can be integrated into existing on board systems easily.

Faster, easier, better: The new WISKA reefer container socket, VARITAIN® PushIn Advance, does not require any lid opening at installation anymore – the new integrated power port combines terminal block and cable entry in one external unit. As a result, installation becomes fast and internal components are not affected. Container connection is achieved by the proven PushIn technology by WISKA.

Exhibitor: WISKA Hoppmann GmbH

여러분의 무역박람회 플래너

여러분의 무역박람회 플래너

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