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Sauer Levante – experience the advantages of evolution

With the brand new Levante series, Sauer Compressors presents the next evolutionary step of their 3-stage air-cooled starting air compressors at this year’s KORMARINE. In keeping with the motto “Bigger, Better, but still Basic”, the capacity has not only been increased to 460 m³/h. The current concept has been enhanced in regard to safety and protection, usability and engine room compatibility. In addition, an even more maintenance-friendly design has been achieved by an easier access to all important machine parts.

Sauer Compressors is the leading supplier of compressors for commercial shipping, offshore, naval marine and industry with more than 130 years of experience in development, assembly and sales of medium- and high-pressure compressors.

Since their introduction by Sauer around 40 years ago, 3-stage air-cooled starting air compressors play a key role for the commercial shipping market. By the partition of the total compression into 3 stages, the temperature rise during compression is significantly lower than from typical 2-stage water-cooled compressors even with air-cooling. The results are lower maintenance cost due to longer maintenance intervals, the abolition of cooling water lines and smaller cooling water systems.

Today, 3-stage aircooled compressors have established themselves as the standard in international shipping.

Exhibitor: J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH

여러분의 무역박람회 플래너

여러분의 무역박람회 플래너

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